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Thursday July 30 to Sunday August 2

Schedule and Panel Information*

Visual Schedule*

Because of the cancellation of conventions and other events this year due to the pandemic we have decided to hold our own virtual convention! We have some wonderful events and guests lined up and are excited to “see” everyone there.

Regular panels will be free and open to all, and will be hosted on our Twitch Channel:

Some “after hours” events will be Patreon exclusives. More information on those will be released on our Patreon page closer to the events.

There is also a limited edition con shirt that can be found on our TeePublic store.

We hope you’ll join us!

*schedule is subject to change. Please check for updates and changes.

Do you want to dive into the show at the start of season 2? Just want to brush up on what’s happened so far? Then you’re in luck! The Season 1 Recap is here! It covers all of season 1 and it’s post season interstitial episodes.

Also available in audio form in the main episode feed.

*Contains Full Spoilers*

Find the Episodes 1-18 Recap here.

Find the Episodes 19-38 Recap here.

Find the Episodes 39-52 Recap here.

Episode 18 is a wonderful jumping in point for new listeners. It’s the beginning of a new arc and has a lot of exposition that sets up the story. But some prospective listeners might want a bit more information without having to listen to the other episodes.  This is why we wrote up an episode recap. This recap summarizes the main show plot up to episode 18.

*Contains full spoilers*

Episodes 1-18 Recap PDF

Episodes 1-18 Recap Word Document

Hello Squadron!

We have a short survey that we’re asking you to do. It takes less than 5 minutes, but will hopefully give us information on what we can do better on and what we’re already getting right.

Please keep these responses anonymous and honest.

Find the survey here.


Thanks for listening and may the Force be with you,

Laura, Tabletop One

Tabletop Squadron

In an effort to make the podcast as accessible as possible we will begin releasing transcripts of each episode.

Starting today we will release transcripts for episodes 1 and 2. We will then start releasing transcripts of the regular episodes until we catch up, hopefully at a rate of one episode transcript per week.

Once we have caught up with regular episodes we will go back and begin to transcribe the prologues. We produce our transcripts by running them through transcription software and then manually editing incorrect text or anything that didn’t get caught (usually Star Wars words and overlapping speech). Due to the lower audio quality of the prologues much, much more of them will have to be manually edited. We do not have any sort of time line for this at the moment.


Transcripts will be available by following the link in the show notes and under the new “Transcripts” menu option under “Episodes”.

If you have corrections for any of the transcripts please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. We also appreciate any comments, questions, or concerns you may have. We want to make this show as accessible as possible, so if we can do better we would like to know.

We have hit our iTunes reviews goal of 10 5-star reviews! As such, here is the artwork you all have unlocked! 


Police lineup of the crew


Nose art of the Afternoon Delight



Character art: Regional Governor Falx  Urnstatd


Thank you so much to everyone who left a review! It means the galaxy to us.

-From the entire Tabletop Squadron

We’ve embarked on a new endeavor: recipes. Each recording session we found ourselves inventing drinks and foods, and discussing what we thought they tasted like. This led to the idea of making these items in real life and sharing them with you.

After today, recipes will go up on non-episode Thursdays. You can find them under the new “Recipes” menu tab. Today we went ahead and posted a few “starter” items. There’s a cocktail equipment basics post to help you get acquainted with things, some simple syrup recipes to sweeten your drinks, and the first drink we invented, “the sparkling star”.

We hope you enjoy this little side quest of ours!

Laura, Tabletop One

Tabletop Squadron


Hello Squadron!

We did it! Our first full episode is now out and we have a few things to ask of you.

First, please join us on Facebook and Twitter.  We’d love to talk with you and interact and share bad Star Wars memes.

Second, we have some kick-ass new artwork of our characters! BUT, it will only be released when we hit 10 reviews on iTunes. Yes, we are indeed holding our own artwork hostage. Reviews help new listeners find us and every one counts. So please head over to iTunes and leave a (5 star) review.

Third, tell your friends and family! We don’t pay to advertise so word of mouth is one of the biggest ways new people will hear about us.


Thank you for listening to us roll dice and make shit up.

Laura, Tabletop One

Tabletop Squadron


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