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Nick Robertson


Nick is a bard who is often surprised by his own stories, and is an unrepentant caffeine addict. He loves teaching people to play tabletop rpgs, and thinks that chandelier swinging is a valid mode of transportation. While his legs do not go on for days, he does enjoy noir stories.

Nick lives in North Texas with his wife, Cameron, where they are actively attempting to fill their house with books.

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A photo of Nick. He is a white man, has short hair, and a small beard.
A photo of Cameron. She is a white woman with brown hair and a thin gold headband. She is wearing a sweater.

Cameron Robertson


Cameron is a book-hoarding wizard princess who will never stop growing her collection. While she enjoys playing RPGs, she is also the inspiration for the term “to Cam up a roll” (rolling in such a way that is unlikely, confusing, and terrible for the GM; such as 2 failures, but 5 advantages).

Cameron lives in North Texas with her husband, Nick, their two cats, Loki and Harley, and their two dogs, Batman and Robin.

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Lilit Penrod

All (they/she/he and any neoprouns)

Lilit (Laura) is a true “cat lady” and spends much of their time tending to their feline wards. She is also a studio artist, a cook, a resin dice maker, and an avid reader.

Constantly consuming media, they have strong opinions about it all. If you want to see for yourself, ask them why Captain Cold is the best or what the best murder mystery movie is (Clue: …it’s Clue).

They live in North Texas with spouse, Hudson, and their three cats: Vivian Morgana Penrod, Philip J Fry, and Leeloo Dallas Multipass. Yes, he gave them full names.

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A photo of Laura. They are a white nonbinary person with dark teal hair that is curled in a vintage style. They are wearing a black top and small bird skull necklace.
Photo of Hudson. He is a white man, and is smiling and wearing a Tabletop Squadron shirt that says "Karma & TInk & Xianna & Sabos" with a red line through Sabos. 
He has short brown hair, and a large auburn beard.

Hudson Jameson


Hudson enjoys cookies ‘n cream ice cream and anything Oreo related. He works as a computer scientist, specializing in cryptocurrency, and in his free time does analog to digital media conversion. You’ll sometimes find him on Overwatch, where he swears by “attack Torbjörn”. Many have tried telling him it’s a defensive character, but he doesn’t listen. And to be honest, he makes it work.

He lives in North Texas with his spouse, Lilit, and their three cats.

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Guest Appearances by

Steven Schroeder as Sabos Niks (Episodes 1-13)

Chris Russell as Jet Nailo

Elliot Wallace as Juke Nailo

Eli Kurtz as Juke Nailo

John Michael Robertson as Raymond Jinn

Alyson Grauer as Syla Rau

Drew Mierzejewski as Jorus Creel 

Jos Welsh-Wilson as Kantwo

Farron Whitefield as Porgsophocles Ignacious Grocepholo aka “PIG”

Macy Jennings as Ekla Nestwatcher

Aaron Catano-Saez as Unnamed Rebel Soldier (audio introduction)

Sydney Whittington as Valorissia Creed

Mel D’Amato as Illith Utena Hatake

Jeff Stormer as Bam Trindo

Jo Welsh-Wilson as Mal

Rob Stith as Stiro Kuwe

Aaron J. Amendola as Azul

Minna Reilly as Kessek

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