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Hello Squadron!

We did it! Our first full episode is now out and we have a few things to ask of you.

First, please join us on Facebook and Twitter.  We’d love to talk with you and interact and share bad Star Wars memes.

Second, we have some kick-ass new artwork of our characters! BUT, it will only be released when we hit 10 reviews on iTunes. Yes, we are indeed holding our own artwork hostage. Reviews help new listeners find us and every one counts. So please head over to iTunes and leave a (5 star) review.

Third, tell your friends and family! We don’t pay to advertise so word of mouth is one of the biggest ways new people will hear about us.


Thank you for listening to us roll dice and make shit up.

Laura, Tabletop One

Tabletop Squadron


Hello listeners!

We will be taking a break over the next two weeks to celebrate the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Wookie Life Day, etc.) and will not be posting a new episode during that time.

Prologue 4 will be out on January 4th, and will start the schedule of new episodes releasing every other Thursday.

Hope your holidays are great, and that no one makes you watch the Star Wars Holiday Special!


Laura, Tabletop One

Tabletop Squadron

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