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Played by Laura Penrod

Age: 24
Born on: Ryloth
Height: 1.67 meters (~5’6″)
Specialization: Smuggler: Thief

Say ‘ello to Xianna! This fun and flirty Twi’lek thief wears a coat with hidden pockets that defy logic. What’s in them? Find out for yourself.

Karma Nailo

Played by Cameron Robertson

Age: 36
Born on: Glee Anselm
Height: 1.70 meters (~5’7″)
Specialization: Bounty Hunter- Assassin, Skip Tracer

Karma’s a passionate 36 year old Nautolan mother of two. When she’s not bounty hunting, she enjoys traveling the galaxy and meeting new people!

Sabos Niks

Episodes 1-13

Played by Steven Schroeder

Age: 32
Born on: Shili
Height to the top of head: 1.77 meters (~5’10”)
Height to the top of montrals: 1.98 meters (~6’6″)
Specialization: Explorer- Fringer

Meet Sabos. This Togruta colonist enjoys interplanetary exploration and establishing trade routes for his colony. He cares about his community!

Tink (Rallltinkraatakat)

Played by Hudson Jameson

Tink (Rallltinkraatakat)
Age: 28
Born on: Mandolore
Height: 2.13 meters (~7′)
Specialization: Technician: Slicer

Meet Tink. He’s a single & ready to mingle 28 year old slicer. He enjoys long walks on Mandalore, weighing his options, & conspiracy theories.

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