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Xianna, a purple Twi'lek. She is sitting on a counter and wearing a black trench coat and knee high boots.


Played by Lilit (Laura) Penrod

Born: 24 BBY
Born on: Ryloth
Height: 1.67 meters (~5’6″) (in heels)
Specialization: Smuggler: Thief

Say ‘ello to Xianna! This fun and flirty Twi’lek thief wears a coat with hidden pockets that defy logic. What’s in them? Find out for yourself.


Played by Cameron Robertson

Born: 37 BBY
Born on: Glee Anselm
Height: 1.70 meters (~5’7″)
Specialization: Bounty Hunter- Assassin, Skip Tracer

Karma’s a passionate 36 year old Nautolan mother of two. When she’s not bounty hunting, she enjoys traveling the galaxy and meeting new people!

Karma, a green Nautolan wearing a red headband and an armored bodysuit.

Tink, a cream Gigoran. He is leaning against a cabinet and holding a small coffee mug.


Played by Hudson Jameson

Tink (Rallltinkraatakat)
Born: 28 BBY
Born on: Mandolore
Height: 2.13 meters (~7′)
Specialization: Technician: Slicer

This is Tink! He’s a single & ready to mingle 28 year old slicer. He enjoys long walks on Mandalore, weighing his options, & conspiracy theories.


Episodes 1-13

Played by Steven Schroeder

Born: 32 BBY
Born on: Shili
Height to the top of head: 1.77 meters (~5’10”)
Height to the top of montrals: 1.98 meters (~6’6″)
Specialization: Explorer- Fringer

Meet Sabos. This Togruta colonist enjoys interplanetary exploration and establishing trade routes for his colony. He cares about his community!

Non-Player Characters

Hank is a copper HK series droid and is holding a large gun with his tiny "baby" hands.

HK-67 aka Hank

Voiced by Nick Robertson

HK-series droid
Manufacture date: Unknown
Manufactured on: Unknown
Height: 1.78 meters (~5’10”)
Specialization: Assassin

Hk-67, sometimes called Hank, is definitely just an assassin droid. Nothing weird is going on with this robot with a love of sarcasm. Absolutely no strange actions from this droid who loves shooting at “meatbags.”
Just no bizarre behavior whatsoever.

Guest Appearances by

Steven Schroeder as Sabos Niks ( Main Character: Episodes 1-13)

Chris Russell as Jet Nailo

Elliot Wallace as Juke Nailo

Eli Kurtz as Juke Nailo

John Michael Robertson as Raymond Jinn

Alyson Grauer as Syla Rau

Drew Mierzejewski as Jorus Creel 

Jo Welsh-Wilson as Kantwo

Farron Whitefield as Porgsophocles Ignacious Grocepholo aka “PIG”

Macy Jennings as Ekla Nestwatcher

Aaron Catano-Saez as Unnamed Rebel Soldier (audio introduction)

Sydney Whittington as Valorissia Creed

Mel D’Amato as Illith Utena Hatake

Jeff Stormer as Bam Trindo

Jo Welsh-Wilson as Mal

Rob Stith as Stiro Kuwe

Aaron J. Amendola as Azul

Minna Reilly as Kessek

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