Season 2,

S2 Episode 16: Vertical Thinking

December 10, 2020

Season 2 Episode 16

After making it to their destination, the crew of the Afternoon Delight must pit their minds against devious puzzles and traps. This is a challenge that will require care and diligence.

Transcript Not Yet Available


Your Game Master is Nick Robertson

Xianna’fan is played by Lilit Penrod
Karma Nailo is played by Cameron Robertson
Tink is played by Hudson Jameson


Content Warnings

  • Sexual suggestions and scenarios
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Strong Language
  • Violence, injury, death

Music Credits

  • Scheming Weasel (faster version) by Kevin MacLeod


  • The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod


  • Sonata No. 11 in B Flat Major Op. 22. – III. Minuetto by Daniel Veesey


  • Social Blast by To Eris

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