Season 1,

HK-67 Interstitial 1, part 2: The Black Parade

May 07, 2020

HK and Kessek continue their mission to assassinate this Moff, parades and passerbys be damned. 

Transcript  Available


Guest appearance: Kessek is played by Minna Reilly ( @mynaminnarr)

Your Game Master is Lilit Penrod

HK-67 is played by Nick Robertson


Content Warnings

  • Assassination
  • Strong Language
  • Violence, injury, death

Music Credits

-Musical Snapshots by Columbia Orchestra
-Dixie Parade (ID 1187) by Lobo Loco
-The Great One Step by Victor Dance Orchestra
-Dill Pickles by Heftone Banjo Orchestra
-Fly of the Brants A by Lobo Loco
-Yes! We Gave No Bananas by Great White Way Orchestra

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