Season 2,

Going Rogue- Part 1

October 27, 2022

The Squad takes a break from their normal Star Wars shenanigans for some slightly different Star Wars shenanigans and play going rogue byJess Levine.

going rogue was originally developed as an expansion for riley rethal’s Star Wars-inspired Belonging Outside Belonging system, galactic 2e. this second edition of going rogue expands it to a 32-page game that can be played as a one-shot or over the course of a limited-run campaign.


Transcript Not Yet Available


Content Warnings

  • Sexual suggestions and scenarios
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Strong Language
  • Violence, injury, death


The shared digital tabletop towards the end of the session:

a shared digital tabletop space. In the middle are four boxes: Parliament, Intelligence, Scum and Villiany, and The Mandate. An image of Garak (a Star Trek alien) is added over Intelligence. A photo of The Situation from Jersey Shore, and clipart of an upwards arrow and people standing are next to The Parliament. On the left is a box labeled Cam, the convert, Roy (al caribbean). a photo of Steven Universe has been added. Above that are blue circle tokens and a photo of someone smoking (toking). Top right is a box labeled Lilit, The Leveraged, Stellan Skarsgard, with a photo of Alexander Skarsgard. To the side of that is a box that says "this was a mistake counter: 2". Top right corner is a box labelled The Sacrifice with a photo of actor Nic Cage in the WickerMan being attacked by bees. Below hat, on the right, is a box labeled Hudson, The Spy, Carnival (Karn), with a photo of a Carnival cruise ship. Bottom left corner is a clipart of a dolphin someone has added circles and a rectangle to to mimic a penis. Bottom middle is a box labeled Nick, The Knight Errant, Jet Shady, with a photo of Slim Shady. Bottom left is an orange box with red circle tokens labeled Hudson's Counterfeit Token Box , and it has a cartoon hotdog photo in it. omg I think that's it.

A screenshot of the shared digital gaming table.


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